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Start Time for each of the 72 Names – Beginning at Sunrise for 24 hours (20 Minute Intervals)

Hour No.First 20 Minutes of the hourSecond 20 Minutes of the hourThird 20 Minutes of the hour
11. Repentance, do Teshuvah. Erase the past. Return to the moment of Creation.2. Protection against death. Resolves psychological problems. Approaches redemption.3. Make miracles.
24. Remove bad thoughts. Think positive, success.5. Healing. Strengthens the immune system of the soul.6. Expand our container; prophetic illumination.
37. It puts order in our lives.8. Cancel bad decrees, fight against the negativity of the world.9. Influence angels.
410. Protection against the evil eye. Remove envy. Born again: to meditate in the Mikveh.11. Eliminate the ego.12. Induce love. Transform hate into love.
513. Blessing for pregnancy. Offspring. The sex of the baby is according to the vowels when meditating. Meditating on it without vowels attracts a male child.14. Fight the ego. Resolve conflicts without violence.15. See the causal world.
616. Raise astral luck.17. Fight the ego.18. Build the blessing vessel.
719. Redeem yourself. Connection with Ana Be Coah.20. Enhances spiritual strength, to connect with The Creator.21. Strength to go to the end. When strength is exhausted, it allows you to connect with a second breath. It allows you to see the shortcuts and not waste time in life.
822. Blessing of the Cohanim. Source of all blessing. Cleanse the aura.23. Blessing energy from the priest (Milah = Cohen) that separates good from evil and cleanses negativity.24. Cure jealousy. Protects from disconnecting. Avoid disconnection. Avoid being a slave to materiality.
925. Connect with the truth. Generates continuity in projects, pleasures, etc.26. Put order in life.27. Associate with light. Change severity for harmony.
1028. Find the soul mate.29. Get rid of all hatred.30. Reconnect with person in conflict. Helps overcome ego.
1131. Acceptance without judgment. Fullness.32. It attracts redemption to the world, to the messiah. Connect with the tree of life and with the consciousness of the messianic era. Get out of the bad.33. Eliminate our dark side.
1234. Learn to break the ego.35. Modesty. Sublimate sex.36. Conquer fear. Cohen’s Healing Blessing.
1337. Break the ego. Long-term vision of the actions we carry out.38. Acquire the quality of sharing.39. Destroys internal evil. Change negative situations into positive ones.
1440. Order and certainty in our lives. Put order in our lives.41. Blessing to heal all situations.42. Blessing to allow secrets to be revealed to us. It is good to meditate on it before studying Torah.
1543. Meditate to help others connect to God, to the spiritual world. Free the souls from evil.44. Meditation that connects us with mercy, allows us to soften judgments about ourselves and even eliminate them. Transform accusers into defenders.45. Create the container to receive abundance in the good time. Abundance. Unity of the worlds above and below. Amen.
1646. Gain confidence. Certainty. Conquer doubt. It leads to success through certainty.47. Eliminate blockages from life, from projects. Eliminate negativity. Pave the way. Resolves the soul-body conflict.48. Gain awareness of unity.
1749. Learn gratitude.50. Acquire the prophecy.51. Forgive me for my past faults.
1852. Strength to connect.53. Strong spiritual defense (value of Archangel Michael). Energy of goodness and health. Restores the physical manifestation of what was lost.54. Induce continuity, eliminate the death of projects, relationships…
1955. Strength to achieve goals.56. Cancel idolatry (power, money, religiosity…).57. Transcend our limitations. Power of Mount Sinai.
2058. Make God fight for me.59. Umbilical cord with God.60. Free ourselves from our limitations (ego, slavery, etc…).
2161. Healing force. Health.62. Connect with the inner teacher.63. Modesty. Connect with the virtues of Moses.
2264. Energy to help others. Fall in favor of God. Love of neighbor.65. Awareness of helping and not judging.66. Resolve conflicts through spiritual means. Eliminate revenge.
2367. Power over time.68. Correct the seminal emission in vain. Put evil back in its place. Solve sexual problems.69. Wisdom. Find direction. Blessing to get married.
2470. Success in business (to share). Remove blockages.71. Granting the gift of prophecy.72. Eliminate physical defects. Bargaining power.