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Education is power. Come learn with me. Contact me for specific information. With all of my classes, there are no gimmicks, no products, and no sales pitches.  Classes are available in the North Dallas/Richardson/Plano area. A minimum of three participants required, so bring your friends and family members.  ALL CLASSES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Diabetes Free DFW

Diabetes Free DFW
In this 16 week course you will learn how lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, exercise & stress management can combine to provide an effective long-term therapy in the treatment and prevention of type-2 diabetes. With nourishment, education, and support you can be victorious in your goal of achieving wellness.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter which oxygenates our body & brain, making us feel more healthy and energetic. We initiate laughter as a body exercise in a group with eye contact and child-like playfulness. It soon turns into real & contagious laughter.

Health Coaching

Ages 16 and older. Participants will learn to improve eating habits, better understand their bodies, and make self-care a priority.
Participants will set goals, learn to reduce cravings, increase energy, feel better, and improve personal relationships. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact me to schedule.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Ages 16 and older. Planning your meals in advance can effectively slash your grocery bills. This weekly planning workshop will help participants discover the importance of meal planning and how to plan meals effectively. Each week, participants will receive guides, tips and tricks to save time and money. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact me to schedule.

Please let me know if you have a suggested location for me to host additional classes. We would love to reach out to Faith Based Organizations. Building a Faith Based Healthy Community could also be a wonderful fundraising event. Ask me how.