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Here’s a Universal Lesson: When the Universe sends you the same message from various sources, LISTEN! Suppressing emotions

Emotional Healing and Why it is Important

Chacham Gozlan leads us in beautiful Kabbalistic Meditations in his various videos found at In order to

Kabbalistic Meditations – Transcripts

This post will highlight some important perspectives that I learned from Professor Alberto Gozlan. Here is a  Downloadable

Kabbalah Notes – Tree of Life

Meditate Upon the Names of G-D

Names of G-D and Intentions

Are you addicted to sugar?

I dusted off of an older (but still very relevant) presentation, and it is available to you, free of charge. My intention is to assist in healing your relationship with food, thereby supporting you in the healing of your body temple.

Tools for Transforming YOUR Life

100% Total Prosperity means Health, Wealth, Good Relationships, and enough TIME to enjoy it all. An integrative approach to health and wellness balances all areas of your life. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I offer many tools to support you in your journey to a happy & healthy life.

As you align yourself to your soul's purpose, you will seek balance in all you do. Give up everyone else's dreams and hopes and expectations of/for you. What do YOU truly desire?

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Feed your body what it needs and the body thrives. You're not what you eat. You're what you digest. Your eating plan and food choices are individually chosen by YOU for YOU. To begin your journey to better health, I offer a FREE tool called Jump Start your Health in 14 Days. Please register below.

Utilize blends created to help you through times of change, help you focus, provide Immune Support, and help you replace Old “Stories” that hold you back from achieving abundance with an open allowance of blessings and transfiguring divine love.

There are many ways to Speak Your Truth. The first step is to listen to your own voice. It is easy to listen to those that are the loudest. But, does that serve YOU in achieving YOUR goals?

Become an Advocate for healthy communities by becoming engaged in the conversation. HEALTHY COMMUNITIES begin with each one of us.

Allow me to support you with your technical work. I can help you understand the technical jargon and simplify your life by providing technical services that do not interest you so you can spend your time doing what you enjoy. My goal is to EMPOWER you as business owner by helping you understand the technical details.

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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius

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