Diabetes Free Zone

Diabetes Free DFW – Everything You Need to Succeed in Reversing Your High Blood Sugar

Discover how you can:

• Reduce BMI/weight.
• Reduce or eliminate medications.
• Reduce or eliminate the complications of diabetes.
• Increase energy.
• Restore self-healing systems.
• Transform your spirit.
• Enjoy a happier, healthier life!

We offer a proven wellness system and unparalleled support that provides everything you need to successfully reverse your high blood sugar and reclaim your health! Our program provides the crucial elements, information and structure needed to teach and develop healthy new habits.

Weekly Meetings
Join other Diabetes Free DFW members in a group setting to learn practical new strategies, share personal stories of success, and make new friends.

  • We provide a common sense approach to health- eat your vegetables, exercise moderately, reduce your stress – the things we all know we should do! Success is obtained because the client is provided a system that can be easily implemented and followed.
  • We teach healthy choices, provides encouraging support, nurtures hope and helps develop new habits that can last a lifetime.
  • This program was designed for a variety of people.

The program duration is 16 weeks and participants meet once a week for education and support. The program curriculum includes strategies for developing healthy eating habits, obtaining regular exercise, adding structure to daily routine, and stress management.

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