Healthy Communities Engineering

Why are these so important?

This is our world. Our actions today affect future generations.

Water resources worldwide are in jeopardy. Without water we cannot survive.

Air pollution levels are affected by many things: vehicle emissions, manufacturing processes, the weather, natural disasters, etc…

The North Texas Region has come together to develop a vision for North Texas. After five years of cooperative effort between private and public agencies, a report entitled Vision North Texas – Understanding Our Options for Growth – North Texas 2050, was produced.

The region-wide policy document states that “The Health Research Team (HRT) should produce a package of ‘healthy community’ recommendations for consideration by North Texas counties, cities and towns. These recommendations should provide practical steps (including education programs, employee wellness initiatives, incentives and/or changes in land use and development practices) that improve residents’ access to affordable, nutritious foods, physical activity and wellness services.”

Become an advocate for healthy communities!

  1. Become engaged in the conversation
  2. Become familiar with what is happening in your community.
  3. Promote the following efforts:
  • Health and Nutrition Education
  • Sustainable Agriculture Methods
  • Sustainable Development Practices
  • Infrastructure Maintenance & Management
  • Redevelopment of Neglected Communities
  • Convenient Transportation Facilities
  • A Regional Network of Trails that support healthy lifestyles

We can take steps to protect our environment by minimizing the negative effects that we have on our environment.

My name is Ruthie Guten, and I am here to serve. Contact me today to find out how I can be of support to you.

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