Newsletter – July 14, 2015

The topic of last week's Cafecito Break was Empowering The Voice Of The Awakening Woman. The conversation continued today, as we interviewed Sacred Warrior founder and former fighter, Vanessa Chakour. My work focuses on the empowerment and support for our sisters everywhere !!! I hope you enjoy this newsletter.

The Veil Of Abuse

And The White Elephant In The Room 

Several months ago, I was caught in the midst of a terrible family dynamic. At the time, I quickly realized that the dynamics were not about personality conflicts or disagreements between those involved. I quickly saw through the veil of emotional outrage and public displays of intolerance and knew that it was a clash between the old energy and the new energy; Specifically, it was a clash between the Male and the Female roles and how the cultural baggage we carry can unleash a rampage of pain via the rage and anger of those that feel entitled.

I see this same scene being played out on the world stage. However, it is hidden deep within the layers of many, many veils. Read More…

Health Coach Tip: Move Your Body! Shake What Ya' Mama Gave You. Shall We Dance? Here's Why:

Blue MaizeFood Focus – Blue Corn 

Blue corn is also known as Hopi maize, It is grown in Mexico and U.S., particularly in  Arizona and New Mexico and has advantages over white or sweet corn. Read more… 

Homemade Organic Blue Corn TortillasFeatured Recipe: Home-Made Blue Corn Tortillas
This is a simple way that I have found to make a quick version of a healthy corn tortilla. Yes, I looked for a good recipe online, then modified it. Here’s the recipe…


Take A Relaxing Bath


Focus On Essential Oils – Take A Relaxing Bath – You can use essential oils to create a relaxing bath. Read More…


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Gratitude Break

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"You were wild once. Don't let them tame you." -- Isadora Duncan

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