Newsletter – May 21, 2015

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Deeply Rooted

In memory of my Dad

It’s really all a blur. Last year seems to have flowed by-sometimes seemingly endlessly yet sometimes so swiftly that it made me dizzy. (Like the swelling of a river after a storm that in time subsides to a trickle). Have you ever had moments like those?

My father, Isaac Mordechai Antebi, got promoted in February. Yes, his work on this earth was done. Exactly 1 month shy of his 90th birthday.Read More…

Health Coach Tip - I am often asked which food plan I recommend. The answer is usually the BALI food Plan. Here's why...

give-thanks Gratitude Break
Take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Now think of something or somebody for which you are grateful and send thoughts of gratitude out to the universe. Namaste.


Food Focus – Are you eating at least 9 servings of fresh fruits & vegetables every day? Here’s a delicious summer salad recipe.


Featured Essential Oil-Lemon essential oil has a fresh, sweet, citrus aroma and is produced from the peel of the fruit. Read More…

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"Love is exactly as strong as life." - Joseph Campbell

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