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IntentionMinutes from sunriseHH:MM from sunrise
1Repentance, do Teshuvah. Erase the past. Return to the moment of Creation.SunriseSunrise
2Protection against death. Resolves psychological problems. Approaches redemption.200:20
3Make miracles.400:40
4Remove bad thoughts. Think positive, success.601:00
5Healing. Strengthens the immune system of the soul.801:20
6Expand our container; prophetic illumination.1001:40
7It puts order in our lives.1202:00
8Cancel bad decrees, fight against the negativity of the world.1402:20
9Influence angels.1602:40
10Protection against the evil eye. Remove envy. Born again: to meditate in the Mikveh.1803:00
11Eliminate the ego.2003:20
12Induce love. Transform hate into love.2203:40
13Blessing for pregnancy. Offspring. The sex of the baby is according to the vowels when meditating. Meditating on it without vowels attracts a male child.2404:00
14Fight the ego. Resolve conflicts without violence.2604:20
15See the causal world.2804:40
16Raise astral luck.3005:00
17Fight the ego.3205:20
18Build the blessing vessel.3405:40
19Redeem yourself. Connection with Ana Be Coah.3606:00
20Enhances spiritual strength, to connect with The Creator.3806:20
21Strength to go to the end. When strength is exhausted, it allows you to connect with a second breath. It allows you to see the shortcuts and not waste time in life.4006:40
22Blessing of the Cohanim. Source of all blessing. Cleanse the aura.4207:00
23Blessing energy from the priest (Milah = Cohen) that separates good from evil and cleanses negativity.4407:20
24Cure jealousy. Protects from disconnecting. Avoid disconnection. Avoid being a slave to materiality.4607:40
25Connect with the truth. Generates continuity in projects, pleasures, etc.4808:00
26Put order in life.5008:20
27Associate with light. Change severity for harmony.5208:40
28Find the soul mate.5409:00
29Get rid of all hatred.5609:20
30Reconnect with person in conflict. Helps overcome ego.5809:40
31Acceptance without judgment. Fullness.60010:00
32It attracts redemption to the world, to the messiah. Connect with the tree of life and with the consciousness of the messianic era. Get out of the bad.62010:20
33Eliminate our dark side.64010:40
34Learn to break the ego.66011:00
35Modesty. Sublimate sex.68011:20
36Conquer fear. Cohen’s Healing Blessing.70011:40
37Break the ego. Long-term vision of the actions we carry out.72012:00
38Acquire the quality of sharing.74012:20
39Destroys internal evil. Change negative situations into positive ones.76012:40
40Order and certainty in our lives. Put order in our lives.78013:00
41Blessing to heal all situations.80013:20
42Blessing to allow secrets to be revealed to us. It is good to meditate on it before studying Torah.82013:40
43Meditate to help others connect to God, to the spiritual world. Free the souls from evil.84014:00
44Meditation that connects us with mercy, allows us to soften judgments about ourselves and even eliminate them. Transform accusers into defenders.86014:20
45Create the container to receive abundance in the good time. Abundance. Unity of the worlds above and below. Amen.88014:40
46Gain confidence. Certainty. Conquer doubt. It leads to success through certainty.90015:00
47Eliminate blockages from life, from projects. Eliminate negativity. Pave the way. Resolves the soul-body conflict.92015:20
48Gain awareness of unity.94015:40
49Learn gratitude.96016:00
50Acquire the prophecy.98016:20
51Forgive me for my past faults.100016:40
52Strength to connect.102017:00
53Strong spiritual defense (value of Archangel Michael). Energy of goodness and health. Restores the physical manifestation of what was lost.104017:20
54Induce continuity, eliminate the death of projects, relationships…106017:40
55Strength to achieve goals.108018:00
56Cancel idolatry (power, money, religiosity…).110018:20
57Transcend our limitations. Power of Mount Sinai.112018:40
58Make God fight for me.114019:00
59Umbilical cord with God.116019:20
60Free ourselves from our limitations (ego, slavery, etc…).118019:40
61Healing force. Health.120020:00
62Connect with the inner teacher.122020:20
63Modesty. Connect with the virtues of Moses.124020:40
64Energy to help others. Fall in favor of God. Love of neighbor.126021:00
65Awareness of helping and not judging.128021:20
66Resolve conflicts through spiritual means. Eliminate revenge.130021:40
67Power over time.132022:00
68Correct the seminal emission in vain. Put evil back in its place. Solve sexual problems.134022:20
69Wisdom. Find an address. Blessing to get married.136022:40
70Success in business (to share). Remove blockages.138023:00
71Granting the gift of prophecy.140023:20
72Eliminate physical defects. Bargaining power.142023:40
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