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Brain Powers

I’m on a quest.
We are all on a quest. What’s yours?
Do you have a clear vision of what you really want?

Why do you want it? Are you sure you want it? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you define it?

Sometimes, the easiest questions have the most complex answers. For years, I’ve been asking myself what do I really want? My answers have always been pretty vague.

I want world peace. Yup. Don’t we all?

No, really, what do I really want?

It finally dawned on me that I have never really thought about what I wanted enough to really want something specific. My desires were always linked to the wellbeing of my loved ones and myself. Really. In fact, I often have a really difficult time deciding simple things.

My husband has a difficult time buying gifts for me. When he asks me what I want, I draw a blank. (He doesn’t. He loves gadgets and seems to have an on-demand list of fun things to get or to do.) Me? I draw a blank.

My dear friend (and long-time confidante) has always told me to be clear. Have a clear goal. Stay focused. The universe will always conspire to give you that on which you focus. If you focus on lack, you get more lack. My friend, Carl, used to quote his uncle who’d say: “‘Well, it could have been worse’, and, by golly, it got worse”.

Here is what I’ve learned so far:

  • We have been imprinted with a belief system since childhood
  • Our brains are like a computer. Everything we have ever heard is stored in this magnificent computer. It’s up to us to continually fill our brains with positive statements. Eventually, the number of positive beliefs will outnumber the negative imprints we have received.
  • Our spinal column is like an antennae system. We are constantly transmitting and receiving energy. Like a tuning fork, we emit a particular frequency. Those that are vibrating at a similar frequency will recognize our energy and be drawn to us. (The Law of Attraction). I believe that timing is an issue. If we focus on something that is too specific, we might miss out on something even better. It gets kind of tricky, so it’s important to be specific enough with our request to achieve our goal, yet vague enough to allow for adjustments that would be for the greater good of all involved.
  • We are in control. It’s up to us to create the most amazing life we can.
  • It’s good to feel good. When we feel joy, we receive more joy.

As an engineer, I need to understand the steps. I need a “how-to” manual. Recently, I listened to John Kehoe, author of Harness The Power Of Your Mind. Here are some action items that I took away from that talk:

  • Imprint prosperity beliefs into our consciousness.
  • Watch our thoughts.
  • Redirect through affirmations.
  • Develop a prosperity consciousness.

We imprint empowering beliefs into our consciousness by thinking about the power of the mind.

He tells us to ponder the statement “I have unlimited power at my disposal” for 5 minutes every night. Contemplate it. Affirm it. He suggests that we practice this consistently every day for 60-90 days and cautions us to not miss a day because repetition is the key to the mind’s powers.

Another suggestion he made is that we make a list of at least 15-20 things that make us feel really successful about whom we are right now. By doing so, we are creating a vibration of success in the present time. Success is a vibration and It attracts more success. For example: “I’m a good parent”, or “I’m a good friend”.  When we start our day by spending 5 minutes going over this list and feeling really good about whom we are now, we start our day in a “success” state of mind.

Another way to imprint prosperity consciousness beliefs into our mind is by visualization (which is a way of imprinting). We can visualize ourselves reaching our goal as if it were happening right now. Not in the future.

It is an abundant universe and we can take time to recognize and acknowledge the prosperity that surrounds us. For example, when we see buildings, we recognize that there are owners, builders, tenants, and even luxury penthouse owners. There’s so much wealth around us. Money represents a transfer of energy and it constantly flows from one place to another. There is an abundance of money all around us.  Money is available. According to CNN, there are millions of millionaires. In the US alone, there were 9.6 million millionaires in 2013.

What’s your calling? Have a good idea? Now is the perfect time to go for it and take the initiative. It is an abundant universe. There are staggering opportunities available to us – more than we even know. And they come in different shapes & sizes.

It’s our duty and responsibility to succeed. Each and every one of us has an answer to a problem on this planet. We’re all plugged into the same universe. We have a contribution to make. Honor your calling. It’s an opportunity for the world to receive your gifts. Follow your bliss. Bliss begins with gratitude.

A great way to practice gratitude on a consistent basis is to make a list of all the things in our life that we are grateful for. There are wonderful groups like The Gratitude Movement on FaceBook where we can publicly share our gratitude on a consistent basis. It’s important to find something everyday for which we are grateful.

Another step we can take is to practice philanthropy, give generously, or tithe. He suggests that we give away a percentage of what we receive.  According to John Kehoe, psychologically, it needs to be a declared percentage. He says that when we create a practice of giving, whatever we give away comes back to us manifold yet when we give away out of our lack it creates personal energy of lack. In other words, if we have a hard time giving away it means we don’t trust the universe and if we don’t trust the universe, we are not open to receiving abundance and prosperity.

Let’s take his advice and anticipate our success.  I can’t wait till we are all financially successful and I am excited about the wondrous probabilities and possibilities that are in front of us.



Thank you to my teachers & mentors, including but not limited to: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Coach Joe (R.I.P), Dr. Gary Berman, & Abraham, P’Taah, Kryon, Ramtha, and other spiritual teachers that are so important to me.

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