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Kabbalah Notes – Tree of Life

This post will highlight some important perspectives that I learned from Professor Alberto Gozlan. Here is a  Downloadable PDF of the translated notes. Please note that I am not a professional translator. I offer this to you with so much love.

With so much gratitude to Chacham Gozlan, I offer you these treasures. I am literally blown away!!!

I often listen to Chacham Gozlan’s lectures while I am driving. It just so happens that I randomly selected this video (dated Sep 22, 2022) right after listening to another class (my friend, Gila’s weekly Kabbalah class). As I listened to Chacham Gozlan, I was amazed at the synchronicities between the two classes.

Here are some highlights:

This sound generates a vibration that is encoded in our brain that activates states of consciousness that were lethargic from the fall of Adam to the earth.

And when Adam descended to earth, his extrasensory perception that he had in the Garden of Eden became depleted.
And with the Shefa activated, thanks to the sound of the shofar, we once again begin to reconnect with the dimensions of prophecy & abundance.

Connecting our soul to the En Sof

The key that opens the interdimensional doors are three words that generate a tremendous vibration in the brain connected with the sound of shofar and connected with a Yichud. We have the three words in the Kedusha of the Amidah Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh.

Our face is itself an expression of the tree of life (Ten Sefirot (recipients of Light).

1 the crown of the head
2 the forehead
3 the right eye
4 the left eye
5 the right ear
6 the left ear
7 the right nostril
8 the left nostril
9 the mouth
10 the word that comes out of the mouth

Reading the facial lines

According to the reading of facial lines, we deduce how a person evolves that we observe in front of us.
every person we see in front of us gives us an impression, an impact. why? because we instinctively read their facial lines. That is to say, the face is your entire tree of life.

Ten recipients of LIGHT from KETER to MALKHUT

1.the first hole is the crown, where which we put the kippah over the fontanel that was already open as a baby when we were born and that is closing but it is a very important energy field.
2. the forehead where the signs on the forehead tell us what the character of the person and his virtues and how the lines of the forehead can change and also the letters that make up the soul of the person can change in the forehead.
3. & 4. the right eye and the left eye is already linked to CHOKHMA
5. & 6. the ears are linked with BINAH
7.&8. the right & left nostrils are linked together with ZEIR ANPIN
9. & 10. the mouth with MALKHUT and the word is what comes out of MALKHUT


• In the liver resides the NEFESH that contains both the direct light and the surrounding light and we have already said that direct light is the virtues that we have and the surrounding light is the potential for development that we have of those virtues – that’s in the liver.
• in the heart resides the RUACH that contains direct light and surrounding light.
• and we have said in the liver resides the NEFESH that contains direct light and surrounding light and, in the heart, resides RUACH containing direct light and surrounding light
o Points to LIVER (direct light)
o Points to HEART (surrounding light)
• and in the brain resides the NESHAMA and there is only surrounding light
• as we see in our animal instincts and in emotions, we have a potential of perfection called the surrounding light and this is where the study of the MIDOT (of the virtues) comes into play.

Our voice says it all…

In the word of a person we already intuit his nine previous SEFIROT. A person may seem to you very handsome or pretty but when you hear his/her voice you either run away or you are very attracted to him/her. Why? because the word is already the essence of the nine previous SEFIROT. All of this expresses how we are inspired, how we think, how we feel, and how we express ourselves.

The skin is magnetic

• The outer part of the skin attracts the astral influences because it is magnetic, that will impregnate us with a creative radiation of social and economic events, that is, our skin is a magnetic scroll that attracts astral influences that will define us.
• what happens to us in life but also the outer skin is what can connect with the surrounding light based on the merit of the student that works the secrets of heaven
• So the tree of life reflects the attributes of our soul but our skin that is not an element spiritual works as an antenna for the consciousness of the Kabbalist
• And that skin is impregnated with the thoughts of the people, which then it affects said antenna, and then our body, with all those ingredients, will make our thoughts physical – whether they are of love or pain
• When We have studied the Secrets of Heaven, the skin is magnetized to attract the Divine Consciousness that dwells within the Hebrew letters instead of attracting the astral influence.

The Meditation Segment in this class is so POWERFUL!!!!

You can find an English translation of the transcript at https://ruthieguten.com/kabbalistic-meditations-transcripts/

Full Video

Kabbalah: Los secretos del árbol de la vida – clase 6 (con Shofar)

Meditation Segment

Meditation with Shofar Sounds

Spiritual PhytoEssencing

In Spiritual PhytoEssencing there is a technique that we use called the surrounding essence. This technique imbues the empty bottle with an essential oil/alcohol solution, which is discarded prior to the adding of the essential oils blend into the bottle. As I heard Chacham Gozlan speak about the surrounding light and the direct light, I instinctively sensed the tremendous parallel to this beautiful practice.

Instructional Video – Kabbalistic Meditation

It is important to understand the concepts of Kabbalistic Meditation as part of the understanding of what Rabbi Gozlan teaches in this video (in my humble opinion). Therefore, I have just posted a blogpost about Kabbalistic Meditation that includes his lecture video (embedded) as well as an animated video demonstration of the Kabbalistic Meditation method that he teaches us.

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