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Emotional Healing and Why it is Important

Here’s a Universal Lesson: When the Universe sends you the same message from various sources, LISTEN!

Suppressing emotions has been the way that I survived for many, many, many years. At this time on our planet, it’s our task to heal from the INSIDE out. That means that we must seriously do our own shadow work.

To me that means that we must uncover suppressed emotions and allow ourselves to feel them, process them, and release them. But how does one accomplish this? Especially when we haven’t developed the skill set necessary to do so?

Another Universal Lesson: The Universe gives you exactly what you need when you need it. And you receive messages over & over & over again as Divine Synchronicities. Case in point: On the day that I finished translating Chacham Gozlan’s video entitled Kabbalah Notes on the Tree of Life, Ani posted the following video on my favorite Telegram Chat:

Ani’s Very Important Video

Within days, my friend, Gila, discussed this topic in one of her most powerful classes to date. You can watch it here. She also discusses a coaching session by Jesse Taylor (which I had recently watched on Instagram with great difficulty):

(Here’s the go fund me page for the family that was discussed. My heart goes out to them. May this courageous and amazing mother find eternal peace and may her family be comforted: https://gofund.me/1d13ffdd)

Yes. Thanks to Ani and to the teachings of Chacham Gozlan, we have tools to help us process our emotions. Even if we never learned how to do so growing up.

When I participated in Chacham Gozlan’s Meditation (with the Shofar), he asked us to FEEL the emotion that we felt during the sounding of the Shofar. The he instructed us to DECIPHER and identify the emotion. Then he asked us to LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE we received.

Before the meditation, I was feeling off. I had this blunt feeling that was heavy and kind of sad, but I didn’t really understand why I was feeling this way. I just kind of accepted it and thought that I was just in a mood.

I followed along with the meditation. The message that I received was “release the grief”. I sensed a very deep grief inside of me. I’d never identified it before. I just felt a sad uneasiness. After the meditation, that feeling was GONE!!!! I’ve been acting so silly since then that my hubby keeps asking me what’s up. lol.

I’ve also been using this process quite a lot lately. For example, last night, I woke up at 3 am with a feeling of anxiety. I used this process and felt immediate relief. The trick is to constantly check in with our emotions to identify what we are feeling (and to not survive on autopilot amnesia).

Other magnificent tools I’ve used to help me clear emotions:
• The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
• Neurographica.

I hope that these tools help you on your path to healing your soul.

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