Kabbalistic Meditations – Transcripts

Chacham Gozlan leads us in beautiful Kabbalistic Meditations in his various videos found at https://www.youtube.com/@kabbalahmashiah.

In order to facilitate the dissemination of this powerful tool, I decided to translate some of the Mediations for my friends that do not speak Spanish. Please note that I am not a professional translator. I offer this to you with so much love.


Meditation with Shofar Sounds


  • Albert Gozlan, Teacher of Kabbalah, reveals the secrets of The Tree of Life, Etz Ha Hayim.
  • Begins with Q&A. 
  • 12:12 starts the class.
  • 49:55 Guides the Meditation (NACHAL Nun Chet Lamed) with the sound of the  Shofar.
  • Notes:
    • נחל – Like the words in the blessing for HANNUKAH – LeHadlik Ner Hanukkah
      • This is the Name that the Kohen Gadol meditated upon when her entered thee Holy of Holies
      • Instructions:
      • We close our eyes
      • Take three deep breaths
      • Before doing the visualization, we say together:
      • Now we visualize ourself inside a golden Magen David
      • In front of us we visualize a screen inside of a Golden Magen David containing these three letters
        • We illuminate the Nun (נ)
        • We illuminate the CHET (ח)
        • We illuminate the LAMED (ל)
      • The three flames illuminating each letter unite at the peak of the Magen David
      • This flame is magnetized to the peak of the Magen David where it illuminates our
        HEART, and
      • We leave these lights illuminated inside our brain, heart, and liver
        (as he takes the shofar and he says loudly:
        “Kadosh kadosh kadosh adonai tseva’ot. Melo kol ha’aretz k’vodo.
        (Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts. The whole world is full of his glory.)
      • Now we feel an emotion and we have to decipher what emotion that is because our brain wakes up with that spark that we had dormant. It is waking up and we receive a message from EIN SOF
      • Now you can Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

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