The Magic of Smoothies

The Magic of Smoothies

I Have Discovered The Magic Of Smoothies

I recently made the most amazing smoothie. I was sitting at my computer writing this post when I realized that I had forgotten to eat lunch. As I didn’t want to break the “flow” of creativity (haha) I decided that I would make a quick smoothie. Here’s what I added to my Nutribullet: kale, home-made almond milk, banana, maca powder, and a little bit of pineapple juice. Yummy.

So what exactly was in my lunch?

So now I have wonderful friends with refrigerator rights (what are refrigerator rights, you ask? That’s the topic of a future blog post) that drop by for a quick-smoothie-fix every so often!!

I also love my Breville juicer and use it almost every day. Here’s a blog post I recently published if you’re debating whether to add fresh juices to your daily nourishment plan or stick with smoothies. They’re both great ways to add amazing nutrition to your life!

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