Cafecito Break – Post Election Reflections

Cafecito Break – Post Election Reflections

Show Hosts: Rosangel Perez &  Ruthie Guten
Summary By: Joyce McLaughlin

SUMMARY: The topic of the show centered on the presidential post-election fallout. The election results highlight a divided nation in which fear and a biased mainstream media have resulted in ethnic divides. Peaceful and destructive demonstrations are ensuing. 

Discussion Highlights:        

  • Mainstream media profligated its own agenda pre- and post-election. They have attempted to skew the public’s perception of the candidates.
  • Women have been portrayed as victims. They are not victims. It is time to put into action what women truly want. Empowering women should not be to the detriment of men or anyone.
  • Having one’s DNA tested can reveal a background within oneself that previously was looked upon prejudicially therefore changing one’s perspective.
  • Care should be given to create your day with positivity to attract a matching frequency. Program yourself for a successful day or at any time a situation should warrant it. Use tools available such as essential oils.
  • Demonstrating and protesting are often a means to seek sympathy from the public; however, destructive protesting does not gain sympathy and can thus be counterproductive
  • What is the difference between someone saying something terrible and doing something terrible? Expletives and racist comments versus actions in opposition to the expletives. What does that make a person?
  • The hosts pointed out that they are party independent
  • Much of the fighting between parties has been by design and enhances the need for grassroots independent discussions. We all need to look within and soul search our own motives.
  • Shows such as Cafecito Break are important as a means to have independent dialogue. The shows purity and grass roots efforts have resulted in approx. over 250,000 downloads thus far.
  • Questions must be asked of mainstream media broadcasts: who, what, where, when and why. Why is it broadcast and who is funding it?
  • A strong nation is not strong when there are those suffering from a lack of food. Local level programs should be established and supported.
  • There are ways to be more effective in change. Use discernment. Trust yourself. Know what you are committing to? The President-elect has started website in which to submit ideas for change and what you wish to support as important for the new administration. Also, the Speaker of the House has a phone number (202-225-0600) to call and give your opinions on items such as Obamacare or to leave a comment.
  • The hosts discussed the Standing Rock pipeline demonstrators and the lack of accurate media coverage or media coverage in general. Check with the Indigenous Environmental Network for updates. There are ways to contribute and to assist the needs of the protestors.
  • The show is working on inviting some local elected officials to ask questions as to how they are supporting the community and how we can help them in that effort.

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