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What’s in My Pocket – Cafecito Break 9-21-20

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Happy New Year! May you be inscribed in the Book of Life!

May you be inscribed in the book of LIFE

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Kindness Matters

Prayer by Nachmanides

Please, O Lord Who creates without having a creator∙

And Who conceived a thought and power from potential to action, brought forth light which illuminates all of the lights from the beginning until the end, for all of the illuminations∙

The words of God are pure words (Psalms 12:7)∙

Please, with Your unseen, refined and pure power, establish my thoughts in Your service, in awe, in trembling and in reverence∙

You have brought to light every mystery∙

Make me wise to know Your commandments, and as a hawk soars over its prey (Job 29:36), allow me to understand and guide me in the path of Your commandments∙

And in the ways of repentance (teshuva) instruct me∙

Because You are a God who desires the repentance of the wicked∙

And the spirit of grace flows forth onto those who know and those who do not know, and in the attribute of Your beloved ones from ancient times, bless me with sublime favor, as my absolute light∙

And this is Your favor that You shall do for me∙

And may I not tremble in fear of You (Job 13:21)∙

And raise me up on the balance of grace∙

And guide me in Your truth and fulfill me from its delights∙

And from their great light, enlighten me∙

And like the mountain of Your inheritance (Jerusalem), bring me and plant me∙

And between two cherubs, may Your word come and console me∙

And desire me and receive me∙

And may the foundation of Your world establish my soul and may it be bound up in the bundle of life, the pure soul You have placed within me, and in the great all-encompassing crown, may it be included∙

Include me in Your exalted attribute of goodness, with every blessing and splendor∙

Please, with these crowns, which are ten in number∙

And in them lay the secret to everything∙

May my supplication come before You∙

And may Your ear be inclined to my joy∙

And may my prayer come before the sanctuary of Your holiness∙

And from the good oil of the two olives and the wellspring, pour upon the seven candles of the entirely gold menorah (Zechariah 4:3)∙

And shower upon he who longs for Your kindness and sees Your goodness through spiritual channels from higher wellsprings and lower wellsprings (Joshua 15:19)∙

And You are the one who knows that I do not unburden my plea before You due to my righteousness, but rather by the merit of my forefathers I have based it, and by the greatness of Your mercy and Your humility and the memory of Your thirteen attributes∙

Prayer by Ramban, a Jewish 13th-century scholar, unearthed - Jewish World

On Tuesday, September 22nd, the autumn equinox, I will be sending out healing energies for our Republic, for our World, and for all who dwell therein on Tuesday. My intention is to add positive healing energy to benefit all for the best possible outcome for all involved.

Ruthie Guten

The 13 Principles of Faith - Rambam (Maimonides)

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