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Insights Received from a Kabbalah Master

The Thread of Connection

This post will highlight some important perspectives that I learned from Professor Alberto Gozlan. Here is a Downloadable PDF of translated notes. Please note that I am not a professional translator. I offer this to you with so much love.

Kabbalah: entrevista a Albert Gozlan, su vida, su hilo de conexión

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”

― Tao Te Ching

Below you can find some of the highlighted quotes from the above interview.

Invisible Threads

There are invisible threads of Connection

Receiving vs. Learning

It is not about studying the Kabbalah it is about receiving the thread of Truth, which comes to you telepathically from parallel dimensions.

Jolt of Understanding

One day something very strange happened. I was listening to a cassette tape and I was listening to the shofar and I felt a vibration in my body that scared me very much. It was an energy that entered my body it was very strong and I got very scared and I was crying for about 20 minutes and had to stop the car because I didn’t know what happened to me. After this happened I understood everything that I hadn’t learned before that I had not previously understood.

Other Dimensions

There are intelligent beings in other dimensions.

It’s All About Frequency

You need to be on the correct mental frequency for the connection to take place and for the information to be transferred. If you’re not at the correct frequency, the connection cannot take place.

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is much higher than in this physical world. What we have beyond this realm is of much higher energy.

Grabbing the Thread

A true teacher doesn’t teach “things” – rather, he gives you protection via a strong spiritual metaphysical immune system & intends, via osmosis, that the thread (cable) jumps to the student and that the student is able to grasp the thread.

Overcoming Evil Energies

The human being is the creator of the work of art on the stage. The evil energies have been difficult to overcome. The best way to overcome the evil energies is to reverse their polarity. Two magnets: One (+) and one (-) they attract each other. If I change their polarity, they repel each other. If I change the polarity of an evil energy, if I make a tzaddik out of a person that is inhabited by evil energies, there is no more evil.

If we give light to the bad energies, the bad energies disappear.


We are not destroying people. We are isolating the avatars that have been invaded by evil energies.

The human being has been created as a vessel, a recipient of divine energies. But if that individual is filled with energies that are bad, the individual cannot reach his potential. But now there are so many good people that have learned so may good things, and are avatars of energies that are kind. And they’re cleaning the world of the bad energies, or they are reversing their polarities.

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