Notes from Kabbalah Class – Tu Bishvat

Maestro Alberto Gozlan – Kabbalah Mashiach

Please note that I am not a professional translator. I offer this to you with so much love.

You can find my downloadable PDF Notes:

My comments and observations:
I’m so very grateful to Rabbi Gozlan, who generously teaches us the Secrets of the Zohar. May he and all of those associated with his efforts be abundantly blessed.

As I listened to this lecture, I understood how those who have turned our world upside down with chaos appear to have misdirected Torah scholars throughout time. The study of the secrets of the Holy Zohar are the roots to understanding the written & oral Torah.

If you speak Spanish, do yourself a favor and watch Rabbi Gozlan’s video. If you speak English, I pray that I have captured the essence of his message.


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