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Divine Confirmation Times 3

So here is what happened:

I’ve been learning Kabbalah from Maestro Alberto Gozlan, Kabbalah Mashiach. In order to share what I learn with my Study Buddy, Gila, I have been translating some of his videos (featuring interviews and lectures) that are in Spanish.

Yesterday, I sent her my translation of an interview asking the question: What is Love? The foundational premise of the interview is the Shema Prayer. The information that he gave us was deep.

It’s hard to believe what happened.

I had set two alarms for today:
• 6 AM – Gila’s weekly Kabbalah Class
• 10:30 AM – Livestream from the Kotel – Global Hour of Jewish Unity – when people all over the world would join together to read the Shema Prayer.

Last night, right before bedtime, I received an urgent request to pray for the safety of the hostages and the soldiers that have accepted the mission to find them. I also saw a notification that there would be a global recitation of the Shema Prayer.

Today was indeed, a historic day. Via the technology of live-streaming, there was an incredible joining together in UNITY to pray for the safety and release of the hostages and for the safety of our Fathers, Grandfathers, Children, Aunts & Uncles who are on the front line – fighting for the safety of Am Israel (The People of Israel). Here is the live-streamed video:

My heart aches for My People – Mothers, Fathers, and loved ones that eagerly await the return of their beloved, who were cruelly kidnapped 167 days ago. I can’t even imagine the pain and anguish and I pray for the safe return of each and every innocent victim as well as for the brave soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for to protect Am Israel. This its NOT about politics. It’s about protecting human life.

167 Days

I had a sudden urge to get my old siddur to use for the saying of the Shema during this historic event. I went to my bookshelf and immediately found the siddur that I received as a gift from my ex-brother-in-law and his wife over thirty years ago.

Inside the siddur, folded neatly, was a printed copy of a beautiful message, which has been there for decades. I do not remember who sent the message to me. I do not remember who wrote it. There is no attribution or credit listed.

The information contained in the message is extremely similar (in fact almost identical) to the information contained in the interview about What is Love that given to us by Maestro Gozlan. (I’m preparing the blogpost on this and will link it here in the near future)

My three Divine confirmations that H-Shem is guiding every single step in my life:
• The translation of the interview which bases its foundation on the Shema.
• The Global reading of the Shema the very next morning.
• My finding the folded note that mirrored the information contained in the interview.

Divine confirmation.

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