Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

I received recommendations from several doctors that I consider mentors and I’d like to share them with you. DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER TO MAKE SUCH DECISIONS.

Dr. #1: Fundamentals are first. This means diet, sleep and your faith.

  • 1st suggestion: I would encourage everyone to get high quality protein (ocean fish/free range chicken or turkey or beef). In addition, I would suggest sticking to a diet of 3% or less carbohydrates. Note: if in a few days of this current diet you feel less energy then include veggies in the 6% (or less) range.
  • 2. Exercise. At least get a daily walk 4/7 days/week. Make it a strong walk and consider using hand weights during your walk. Better yet is to get to the gym and do weight training and combine with aerobic exercising. Work to 4/7 or more days/week and start now.
  • 3. Get enough protein powder with your regular diet daily. For the nonvegetarians I would suggest using a whey product that is high in lactoferrin and colostrum. For those of you allergic to dairy choose a good vegetable protein powder.
  • 4. Improve your digestion. If you have gas, bloating, poor bowel movements, nausea, or burning after eating consider adding some form of digestive enzymes. I believe every person over 40 needs digestive enzymes as a daily support to assimilate our food correctly.
  • 5. Have at least two bowel movements/day if you are eating three meals/day. If you are not, make sure you’re getting enough high-quality water (Half body weight in ounces of water/day), enough fiber from vegetables, nuts, and seeds and check both bowel flora and your endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals) for proper function.
  • 6. Remember that the pure water you need per day is just that, pure water. Water in tea/ coffee/soda does not count. Choose your sources of water well and stay away from the tap water.
  • 7. Get enough sleep. For most of us especially 60 & over really need more sleep than less. Considering getting at least 6-8 or more hours of sleep/day. Make sure your bedroom is light tight so your bedroom is dark. Keep your cell phones and electrical devices at least 8-10 feet away from your bed. Change bed linens each week and especially clean your pillow cases weekly in hot water. Vacuum your house and bedroom weekly while using a good air filter in your room, especially bedroom.
  • 8. Faith. Fear and doubt contribute to a depressed immune system. There is a God. This God wants you well and healthy. Now is the time to leave your Brain or Heart area (human side) and practice living from your Spirit area about 1″ below the navel. Cooperate with Him and let Him help you. Relax, He has this. Practice trust and EXERCISE your FAITH.

Dr. #2: Options (We are doing MOST but not ALL of the options below at this time):

  1. Colloidal Silver administered via nebulizer.
  2. Air Filtration
  3. Organic, Raw Manuka Honey
  4. Immune Support Herbs
  5. Black Seed Oil aka Black Cumin Oil
  6. Vitamin and Mineral Suggestions (Vitamin C: 1000 mg of mixed ascorbates or liposomal vitamin C, 2 to 3 times daily with meals; Vitamin A (natural): 25,000 i.u. daily; Vitamin D3 (natural): 2500 to 5000 i.u. daily; Zinc (as citrate or picollinate) 25 mg. daily)
  7. Ozone Capsules
  8. Cell Salts Triad (Ferrum phos. 6X, Kali. mur. 6X, Kali. sulph. 6X) 
  9. Cold Diffusion of Essential Oils
  10. White vinegar: Wipe all doorknobs down with white vinegar on a daily basis to destroy microorganisms.
  11. Avoid shaking hands with anyone.
  12. Andrographis paniculata extract

Dr. #3, Shiva Ayyudarai, who is currently runing for Senate in Massachsetts, sent a letter of recommendation to our President (You can find the source document on his website). I highly reccommend that you follow him on social media.

For Healthy Adults and children, Dr. Shiva: recommends the following:


  • 1000 IU Vitamin A Palmitate ongoing
  • 2000 IU Vitamin D3 ongoing
  • 250 mg Vitamin C/day
  • Iodine/Iodide – Lugols – 3 drops/day (in drink)

Healthy Adults:

  • 10,000 IU Vitamin A Palmitate ongoing
  • 5,000 IU Vitamin D3 ongoing
  • 1,000 mg Vitamin C/day
  • Iodine/Iodide – Lugols – 6 drops/day (in drink)

Immunocompromised Adults:

  • 400,000 IU Vitamin A Palmitate for 2 days
  • 50,000 IU Vitamin D3 for 2 days
  • 1000 mg Vitamin C/day ongoing
  • Iodine/Iodide – Lugols – 3 drops/day (in drink)

This list was compiled for you NOT AS A RECOMMENDATION to you, but as a list of options that you can discuss with your healthcare practitioner.


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