What Are Your Most Important Accomplishments?

What Are Your Most Important Accomplishments?


I was asked this question as part of a grant application submittal. It didn’t take me long to write my response.

Here its is, unedited:

My biggest accomplishments are raising my three sons as a single-mother in a manner that has allowed them to become healthy and productive members of society while becoming a regionally respected public works director as a woman engineer in a male-dominated field.

My loving husband and boys (plus 3 out of 4 family doggies)

As a woman, I celebrate the accomplishment of walking away from an abusive marriage in order to provide my children and myself a healthy and happy home.

As an engineer I celebrate many accomplishments, including safeguarding the environment and introducing the concept of sustainable projects and developments to the City of Cedar Hill, Texas and participating in the region’s dialogue on water resources, stormwater pollution prevention and air quality/transportation initiatives.

The steps that I took were as follows:

1. Education – I studied hard and continue to study as a daily practice.
2. Acceptance that I am not responsible for someone else’s happiness. I am only responsible for my own happiness.
3. Understanding that I cannot control what anyone else does. I can only control how I respond to whatever is thrown my way.
4. Hard Work
5. Love – I approach my life with love towards all.
6. Discernment – I have learned that discernment is the most powerful tool we possess. I have learned to trust my gut.
7. I walk away from that which is unhealthy for myself and for my family.

The above steps guided my path from being a frightened wife and mother to being a strong, independent woman. They allowed me the permission to explore love and intimacy again and to marry a wonderful, happy man. They allowed me the security in knowing that I am safe as I walked away from a six-figure income in order to follow my passion of becoming a health coach and an advocate for healthy communities.

Speaking of healthy communities, stay tuned as I keep you informed of my latest venture!!!!!!


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