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Discern. Not just with logic. Brain/Heart/Spirit must be in balance. Breathe deep. Sense your connection to Source. Once you feel that calm within, you’ll know the truth. Learn to listen to your body. Each cell is filled with Divine light/truth/wisdom.

Confirmed Influenza Cases Hit Rock-Bottom

Recalculating Covid-19 cases

Hospitals have been counting #COVID19 patients incorrectly.  Many of them were dying of something else and they slapped the COVID-19 label on them. They’re going to have to go back & recalculate the amount of people that actually died of Covid dropping them dramatically.- NANCY on Twitter

What Happened to The Flu? Where Did It Go?

  • Last year in the 40th week of the year, there were 1,251 cases of the flu. This year, in the same week of the year there were only 61 reported cases of the flu. This is from the CDC. Draw your own conclusions. - Dr. David Samadi, MD on Twitter
  • Operation Dark Winter

    During the debate last week, Biden mentioned that we are going to have a Dark Winter. Many of us believe that this was a veiled threat to our Nation. Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a bioterrorist attack simulation that was conducted  in 2001 by senior-level government staff. The exercise was a simulation of a bio-terror smallpox attack on the United States. For full exercise details, please see the Final Script for the exercise.


    “Who do you listen to? Who influences your day to day decisions? Many of us are being led & misled away from our own thinking power.” —Rosangel Perez

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    If You Want To Eliminate Lack Focus On Abundance
    If You Want To Eliminate Anxiety Focus On Quietude Of Mind
    If You Want To Eliminate Stress Focus Of Detachment & Not Clinging To Negative Thoughts
    If You Want To Eliminate Suffering Focus On Radiant Light Of Colour Of Sun

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