Calling All Prayer Warriors


A group of prayer warriors have gathered at InnerRx Institute in Dallas for several years to pray, meditate, and study. Spiritual Development classes, taught by Dr. Gary Berman, brought us together & we created a very special Family (participants are from various religious backgrounds and from varied walks of life).

We now gather online on a weekly basis to pray &/or meditate. At this URGENT time, we are inviting you to participate. Let's pray with & for each other, our community, our country, our Leaders, and our world! Please contact me if you would like additional information about our group & group leaders.

You are invited to:

  • Pray for those listed on this page.
  • Post your request in the comments below. The comments will serve as a scrolling prayer list and will be a continuous feed. If you prefer, an online form is available to send your request.

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  1. Prayers for the soul of recently departed Stacey Bell and for the healing of her daughter Alina.

  2. Paul Gerlack. I did my big dose of chemo yesterday, so I am doing my insomnia weekly side effect.

  3. Good evening. Amen for another day.
    My prayers are for my husband Luis Santiago who has been unemployed for more than 3 years,
    For my father Tito Cruz
    Mom Catalina and daughter Hannah Santiago and their health.
    prayers for myself Amy as I am currently unemployed.
    Also for peace, health and happiness of everyone and everything on our planet.
    Sending positive vibes to all that this group does for so many others,
    Amy from Puerto Rico

    1. Thank you for your submittal. Your request has been added to our prayer group’s list. Blessings!

  4. Requesting prayers for employment, support,health, healing and understanding their highest good and how to reach it for my daughter and son-in-law as their marriage ends.

  5. Praise God Ruth ..thank you yes I would very much appreciate if you could include in your prayer a fellow patriot Who has cancer in both his kidneys that God Will Cause it to die right back to the very roots..May God Bless You and Your Pray Warriors for this.⚘

  6. Mika Donlon – My sister

    Romen Kuloor – Our very close friend

    Ramjibon Ghose – My father in law and Sarmita’s father

    The Dyer Family – Greg the husband/father was tragically killed in an accident last month. Angie the wife and 3 daughters are back home here in Prosper. The girls are all headed to college.

    The Jyothi family – Grandpa Vee, Grandma Ambuja, and Son Prashant – surgery and health

    Napolean Argueta – My brother’s father-in-law 90 yrs old just had a pelvic and L2 fracture last night.

    Thanks and sending our prayers and love to you and your family, Dr. Berman, and everyone that has been a part of this for abundance of health, prosperity, peace, and harmony!

    1. Thank you!!! We hope to see you tonight!!! May your Prayers and Blessings be granted for the GOOD of ALL INVOLVED!

    • My friend and high school classmate, Judy. Her daughter, Natalie, passed away in her sleep.
    • The victims of child trafficking and sex trafficking. May they be saved and healed.
    • All emergency responders: Fire, Police, SWAT, Medical/Healthcare Practitioners, Public Works, HAZMAT, etc…
  7. Received from S.R.: Prayers for support, healing and highest and best divine guidance for a path forward for Holly, jann, Danny,david,rosie,laura,laurie and James

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