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Interview:Reba Sherrill, Candidate for Congress, Florida District 21

Interview:Reba Sherrill, Candidate for Congress, Florida District 21

Last week, I received a message via WhatsApp from a number that I did not recognize. I texted back to inquire who it was. Somehow, Ms. Reba Sherrill had my contact information saved on her phone. It is possible that we met at a conference, or via mutual friends, but neither of us actually recalls a prior meeting.

When I found out that she was running for Congress as a candidate from West Palm Beach, Florida, I decided to check her website. Her platform is jam-packed with issues that are important to me, such as:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Abusive Guardianship
  • Veterans
  • Health Care / *Wellness Task Force
  • Southern Border Wall / Immigration
  • National Security / Defense
  • Land / Agriculture
  • Vaccines
  • Environment / Toxins
  • Judicial Corruption
  • Social Programs Budget / Foreign Policy
  • Public Education
  • Homelessness
  • 1st & 2nd Amendments
  • Legal Immigrants
  • Secure Elections / Campaign Finance
  • Infrastructure / CCC

Rosangel & I immediately requested an interview. We are so glad that she accepted!

I really like her & I wish her much success!!!!

There’s no bigger insult to our fallen Veterans than to surrender your freedoms.
~ Reba Sherrill

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