Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food
Our Tower Garden

For many years, I have been a staunch advocate of organically produced foods, supporting local farmers, and eliminating harmful GMOs. Dennis & I researched hydroponic systems, and truthfully, we hesitated. Why did we hesitate, you ask?

For beginners, we never had much of a green thumb. We seemed to destroy most plants that came into our care. But we really wanted to be part of the solution!!! Finally, about one year after starting our research, we decided to purchase a Tower Garden. It’s pretty much as easy as it gets. Plug & Play. It uses a fraction of the water that regular agricultural methods require and we can bring it indoors during winter with a grow light.

Now, we have gotten the gardening bug and have branched out to a very small herb & tomato garden (in an old, red wheelbarrow).
wheelbarrow garden

Next? A garden labyrinth… See? you take one small step & your journey unfolds!!!! Please call me if you want to visit our tower garden or if you want more information. If you decide that you absolutely love this idea and want one for yourself, online ordering is available. I’d really appreciate it!!!

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