Shall we dance?

Shall We Dance?

Shake What Ya’ Mama Gave You

Last year, I responded to a challenge from from my Cafecito Break Monday Morning Co-Host, Rosangel Perez. She challenged me to create a daily video for the Gratitude Movement on FB called “29 Days of Gratitude – Love Lives Here”. Although I was unable to complete the challenge for the entire 29 days, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. (Expect more video footage once I figure out how to streamline the production process).

Here is the YouTube video followed by the script:



Today’s Love recommendation is to get up & dance!!!!

So why should we dance?

According to an article in psychology today, “Studies have shown that dance, in particular, can decrease anxiety and boost mood more than other physical outlets. Here’s how they studied it:

Researchers assigned patients with anxiety disorders to spend time in one of four settings:
• a modern-dance class
• an exercise class
• a music class
• a math class.

Only the dance class significantly reduced anxiety.

So how does dance & movement help us make physical & emotional changes?

Dance/movement therapy pioneer, Marian Chace, discovered back in the 1940s that her patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder were able to use dance therapy as a form of communication that assisted in the decrease of tension held in the body and minimized isolation. According to the American Dance Therapy Association, Dance/movement therapy, is based on the core belief that there is a fundamental interconnection between mind and body and what happens to the body can effectively influence the mind and vice versa.

So now, lets discuss Why we should get up & dance:

According to the Dance Teachers.Org, the ten reasons to dance are:

• It keeps the body and brain active, & vital
• It improves strength and flexibility, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy
• it can help you meet new people and make friends with people who have similar interests
• It helps you learn about your body, & improves your posture and balance
• It can help to reduce stress levels
• It can offer insight into other cultures
• It can lead to new career opportunities, or help build communications skills • It can help increase your self esteem and confidence as you master new dance skills
• It offers a creative outlet by providing a safe environment to express individual personalities
• It is a fun way open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself

So we’ve talked about why we SHOULD dance and how it affects us, now let’s explore WHY we actually dance. asked readers the following question:

Why do you dance? Does dancing help you express your creativity? Do you feel empowered when dancing? Tell us why you dance. Share your reason for dancing with others.

Here are a few responses that were posted:

“I love to dance because its the only way where i can express my self~ and i can feel truly happy from bottom my heart” Guest JoMit

“I dance because that is how i can be myself, express myself and my emotions. It is like letting your soul out.” – Guest Lily

So now it’s your turn: Fill in the blanks:

I dance because _______________________________.

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