The Gift of the Crown

The Gift of the Crown

Do you believe that miracles can be brought to you through challenges and difficulties? I believe so. Now more than ever.

Almost everyone that I know is, or has been, affected by the Novel Coronavirus in one way or another. Our lives have changed drastically, almost overnight.

During our last Cafecito Break podcast (you can listen to it here), which was recorded on April 13th, 2020, Rosangel Perez & I traveled thru some dark terrifying ideas and theories around the Novel Corona Virus – COVID-19 pandemic that is currently affecting our world. We discussed things such as:

  • Chaos
  • The CDC
  • The World Health Organization
  • Big Tech
  • Politicians
  • Trust

Since then, I’ve received many messages about the topic that have nothing to do with the technicalities of this pandemic (number of deaths, politics, demographic data, logistics, etc…). These messages made me realize that there’s a lot more to this pandemic than meets the eye.

I have been researching a lot of behind-the-scene theories during the past couple of years. Due to my research, I do believe that there is a lot happening which is NOT discussed on mainstream media. I have also been quite calm since this whole craziness with COVID-19 began to make itself known to us. In the meantime, I have:

  • trusted that there is a Plan that will ultimately result in a better world for us all.
  • been very skeptical of the “news” that we are being given.
  • worked diligently at staying connected to my spiritual practice
  • done everything possible to stay healthy, safe, and calm.
  • stayed quite busy with my immediate family and have actually enjoyed being at home

From the beginning of this crisis, I have believed that we are in the midst of a major RESET: our families are spending time together and we are SLOWING down. We are having meals at home with our families again. We have time at home. We are being given an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with G-D.

I am blessed to have many human angels in my path. One of these angels is Dr. Gary Berman. He hosts regular Prayer & Meditation sessions and he teaches his students how to connect with their individual Spirit Center in order to discern the truth in any given situation. He recently shared a message he received from G0D about the Coronavirus with us, which included the following important suggestions:

  • Create an active prayer life (no specification).
  • Get back to daily gratitude that I (God) have given you another day of life.
  • Appreciate the people in your life as a gift from me (God).
  • Use your time on earth to find/follow your purpose and destiny and stop wasting time in worry and in pursuit of things that do not matter to your spirit nature (does not develop or feed it). Unless it is part of your purpose.
  • Know that I am the Alpha (beginning) and the Omega (end). That I am the Lord God of hosts and to follow my teachings before I am forced to send the second judgment. (Note: No specifics about the nature of the second judgment).

I then received a text message from a longtime friend that was very disturbing to me. The text read something like this: That’s It! Our Country is Finished. We are now in the hands of FEMA. (Not the exact wording). I gave him a call, and after a long conversation, he mentioned the name of a Rabbi that he thought I might find interesting. I looked him up on YouTube and found one of his lectures, where he discussed the ongoing plague.

I totally resonated with what Rabbi Kessin said. Here is a summary of his discussion:

There is an obvious difference between this pandemic and previous pandemics such as the Bubonic Plague or the Spanish Flu. In previous pandemics, there was a HUGE loss of life (as a percentage of the worldwide population) as follows:

  • Bubonic plague in 1348 killed half of Europe. Central feature was death.
  • Spanish Flu in 1918 – 50 million died. Central feature was death.

Although we have tragically experienced sickness and a tremendous amount of suffering, along with a significant loss of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of those that have died or have been stricken in the US is 683,786 illnesses and at least 34,575 deaths (as of (4/17/20). There are approximately 330 million people in US. —> the objective of this plague is NOT death. This plague is not meant to wipe out tens of millions of people.

I share his opinion that:

  • this is not an accident. It’s an ACT OF G0D (the entire planet is affected).
  • G0D loves mankind and He never gives us a challenge without giving us a solution.
  • This is a necessary path to the Messianic Redemption

Three Major Features

Rabbi Kessin describes three major features of the corona virus pandemic:

  • 1st Major Feature – FEAR OF DEATH is global. There is tremendous anxiety. Everybody is frightened.
  • 2nd Major global feature – A global QUARANTINE that is painful to many people. We, as a society, cannot interact with each other.
  • 3rd Major Global feature – The global pandemic has caused an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE that has, in effect, STOPPED civilization. G0D has called forth a tiny virus that measures about 40 nanometers (you can’t see it with the naked eye or even a microscope. You need an electron microscope to see it to HALT CIVILIZATION in its tracks. This alone demonstrates the ABSOLUTE POWER OF G0D.

Divine Agenda

According to ancient scriptures, there will be a plague throughout the world prior to the Messianic Redemption, in a manner that is similar to the Exodus from Egypt and this plague is a necessary prerequisite to the Redemption. Coincidentally, we are experiencing this pandemic during a period of time that spans the Holiday of Purim, Passover, and Holy Week. For the first time EVER, we have not been able to worship together during these holy days.

There is tremendous fear and anxiety, as well as loss of many personal freedoms throughout the world. Rabbi Kessin explains that mankind has been destroying itself, that justice must be fulfilled before the redemption, and that G0D will only bring REDEMPTION after justice has been satisfied. In the meantime, Satan is acting as the prosecuting attorney against mankind and Satan has three major complaints against humanity:

  1. IMMORALITY: There exists an enormous amount of immorality, depravity, corruption, degeneration. Mankind is corrupting his own nature.
  2. TREMENDOUS HATRED – Destruction of civilization by mankind. Sinat Chinam (Baseless hatred). There is a tremendous amount of hatred present in the world. There is baseless slander and a total lack of unity among people within families, communities, countries, and especially towards our duly elected President.
  3. TREMENDOUS PURSUIT OF MATERIALISM & PHYSICALITY. A large majority of the world’s population is completely immersed in materialism, pleasure, physicality, and a very few, relatively speaking, is immersed in spirituality.

Rabbi Kessin beautifully describes the virus as a “Designer Drug” – a tailor-made tool that G0D is using to wake man up! He explains that it works with a three-pong approach:

  1. Fear of Death – provides an atonement for sins, especially immorality
  2. Quarantine – stops and prevents baseless hatred and slander from being spoken, and thus helps provide unity
  3. Reawakens mankind – transitory nature of materialism

This plague is providing all of us an opportunity to assist with the process of TIKKUN (Rectification of Nature) and RESTORATION (to bring G0D back into His Creation).

He describes several tools that G0d has given us for this purpose:

  • Doing Mitzvoth (commandments)
  • Teshuva (repentance)
  • Yissurim (suffering, if we don’t repent)

The Gift of the Crown

The word CORONA means CROWN. The purpose of the virus is to restore the Crown of THE KING. This pandemic is not merely an epidemic. It was given to us as a gift to satisfy the judgement of death and to stop the slander and create unity to allow the Messianic process to continue. It is a WAKE-UP call to stop with materialism and to focus on Spirit.

Here are some of Rabbi Kessin’s suggestions:

  • Do not speak, listen to, or believe gossip (slander).
  • Take time to study the Biblical texts.
  • Wake Up!
  • Focus on Spirituality.
  • Repent for your sins.

If we do that, we will be delivered into a beautiful world of Total Prosperity!


Please note that I plan to expand on each one of the following in upcoming blogposts. Here’s a link to Rabbi Kessin’s video.

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