The Akashic Records and Tefillin

A Kabbalah Lesson – study notes

Kabbalah Mashiach
Memoria akásica y los Tefilin, por el Maestro de Kabbalah Judía Albert Gozlan.

Akashic Memory – Tefillin

  • Akashic memory = Cosmic Memory
  • All thoughts, emotions, & actions that a human being experiences remains registered in a cosmic memory called the akashic memory
  • We are the total sum of what we have thought, experienced, and felt throughout our lives
  • Cosmic memory remains recorded incarnation after incarnation and generation after generation.
  • This cosmic memory remains recorded in that intelligence of the planets, astros, and the stars.
  • It is a grand cosmic hard drive that picks up all of our thoughts and emotions and actions and in reality everything that happens to us in a lifetime is to stimulate thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • It’s clear that if everything that happens or happened to us does or did not happen to us, we would be vegetables, stuck in bed, and we wouldn’t move.
  • In other words, what sparks dynamic activity is the castigations that we receive throughout our life and that impels us to act in one way or another way, what we have thought and felt based on the inputs we have received inn your life.
  • Where does this input originate? They come from prior lifetimes.
  • In other words, if we experience a circumstance or an encounter with another series of the people, whether of love or pain, each one has his or her own tikkun, or karma. When we get an input that generates a reaction, it is due to a seed which was planted in a previous incarnation, which is now bearing fruit, for good or for bad.
  • If it’s negative, it’s to obtain a correction (rectification) and if it’s a positive it’s a payment (Credit) as credit for something that has been pending.
  • Not only are there economic debts, there are emotional debts, debts of love, of family as well … there are debts.
  • Therefore, in the Akashic memory, there is registered what all of the children of this world have you done and all of their handiwork. Everything is permanently recorded.
  • It is all permanently recorded in the Sefira Yesod.
  • And what planet is in the Sefira Yesod? The moon.
  • The moon has a strong, strong influence over the human being.
  • The human being is composed of 72% water. And we know that the moon has a strong influence over the tides (water) and we must have respect for the lunar cycles.
  • In fact, we have certain prayers (tefilot) that are special prayers based on the lunar cycle, one such refills is the prayers for the new Moon.


  • In regards to the Moon, we also wear the Tefillin.
  • The Tefillin is a “fixer, corrector” of the Akashic memory that the moon impacts over us. Repeated: the Tefillin rectifies the lunar influence that impacts us based on the Akashic memory that is recorded in the moon over human beings.
  • What does this mean? That situations that could be very difficult/Harsh that via Akashic memory impact over us in our actual circumstance, is corrected by the act of putting on the Tefillin.
  • Question: what is the equivalent act for the woman? Answer: the egg yolk that is spread over the Challah for Shabbat.
  • Therefore, the Tefillin is placed on the head because it corrects the a Akashic memory of thoughts; on the heart because it corrects Akashic memory associated with emotions; and, on the left hand/finger because it corrects circumstances that could affect us;
  • The placement of the Tefillin creates the word Sh-dai
  • Shin – the head
  • Daled – Base of the head
  • Yud – Arm


SH*DAI has to do with YESOD
YESOD has to do with THE MOON
THE MOON has to do with SHALOM
SHALOM has to do with ZIKARON
THE AKASHIC MEMORY has to do with our TIKKUN

*ZIKARON – Remembrance, Memory

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