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Notes from a Kabbalah Class

Update: My Dear Friend, Gila, recorded a wonderful video from Israel this morning, that included much of the information below. She did an AMAZING job interpreting the notes and sharing additional Zohar and from the Book of Enoch. Thank you, Gila!!!!!

Here’s the link to her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpLc5DQtaoQ

Please note: I am not a professional translator and I did not attempt to translate all of the discussion points in the Q&A session. I highly recommend the teachings of Professor Alberto Gozlan. I humbly submit my understanding of the above discussion. Shalom.

Kabbalah Mashiach 11/7/23
Kabbalah: The Secrets of the Tree of Life – Class 30

Some Key Discussion Points (includes some Q&A points & Lecture):
• The treasures you take from this world are not your thoughts; they’re your emotions.
• One emotion could be the sum of 1000 thoughts. The free will that you are exercising and the emotions you generate for the circumstances in your life. And these emotions, nobody can substitute or direct. They’re yours. They’re your treasures. The sum total of all of your emotions throughout your life is the baggage that you carry with yourself to the next world. Reflect on what each emotion that you have felt has resulted for you. And how you have responded to each of these emotions. That is you. The sum of your emotions. What have you done with the emotions you have felt throughout your life? That is your bank account that you take with you.
• Israel’s Tikkun is to be “Or Ha-Goyim”. In order to be a light to the Nations, first we must draw down light (“Or” = Luz” in Spanish).
• We owe the children of Ishmael much Light. The hatred they feel towards the descendants of Isaac is because Abraham did not indemnify Hagar when he repudiated her. He did not give her teachings of light “Or”.
• Rav Gozlan’s vision is to have roundtable discussions among the Elders and Wise Ones of the Nations. (Kabbalists, Sufis, etc… Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Elders of all the Nations)
• We need to unite the Light all of these Wise Ones of each tradition, and then we will obtain an aggregate understanding = a soul that is the sum of the souls of the Wise of the Nations – a collective soul which will work on the Nations to achieve understanding. That’s how we start. This is the dream.
• The drama of this world is ignorance. Bad always comes from ignorance. Get rid of spiritual ignorance and you eliminate bad. You get compassion and abundance. The more we disseminate the secrets of Heaven, the more peace we obtain in this world. Eradication of ignorance equals love that is beyond that of this world. Without wisdom, all is hate.
• At the level of logic, there are differences. At the level of Spirit, wisdom is the same. It is all One.
• Question: is it good to participate in rallies of support for Israel? Answer: that is already outside the boundaries of spirituality. In spirituality, there are no attacks. At the level of intellect and politics, there can be attacks. But not within spirituality. Spirituality unifies opposites. Conflict is not an option. Conflict exists at a lower level (dimension). In the spiritual dimension, conflict cannot exist. It is all love. (he gave an example of a TV interview with him and an Imam. The journalist tried everything to have them oppose each other. They didn’t allow it.) There is no duality (controversy/conflict) at the spiritual dimension or level.
• When questioned about the various commentaries of the Torah, he said: Commentaries are not at the level of Atzilut. The Zohar is at the level of at Atzilut.
• When the right brain, (fountain of connection to the spiritual world based on extra sensory perception) disconnects from the left brain, (fountain of reason, based on the five senses – a.k.a. when the spiritual disconnected from intellect), the connector labeled DA’AT stopped functioning. Then all the Sefirot that derive from DA’AT (CHESED, GEVURAH, TIFERET, NETZACH, HOD, and YESOD) darken.
• When DA’AT stops functioning, the sefirot get dark.
• The secret of the redemption of the world is to resuscitate DA’AT (the connection between the right brain and the left brain). At the point that the right brain reconnects with the left brain, it gives the children of Israel spiritual vision once again so they don’t make errors in decisions. This is called “Luz” (light).
• What is DA’AT? There is no way to wake up DA’AT without knowing how to do the Kabbalistic meditations, practice the Kabbalistic meditations, visualize with the names of H-Shem in the Kabbalistic meditations, have the visions that the visualizations give us (which I like to waking dream), and force ourselves to explain the visions we receive (forcing ourselves to describe divisions via intellect) –> this activates DA’AT.
• The general public does not meditate, so DA’AT is disconnected. Since their DA’AT is disconnected, the Sefirot are darkened. And if the Sefirot are darkened, the fountain of blessings that is YESOD is also a dark and what and then comes to the physical world is chaos. So either we teach the world to meditate and explain their meditations, or we will continue with chaos. When, by Divine Action, it activates the Mochin Gadlut Sheni (the superior part of our spiritual mind), when HaKadosh Baruch Hu decides to save this damaged world via his extraordinary intervention, utilizing Mashiach Ben David as intermediary between the Two Worlds, it will be when there is once again unification of both brains and DA’AT will be restored.
• We saw in the classes of Pesach, when we taught the secrets of Pesach, that the Mochin Gadlut Sheni does not depend on human beings. To reach that level of spiritual development depends on the free will of our Creator. He decides when and how the Mochin Gadlut Sheni will be activated. (the superior part of the human soul). And this is an intervention that is solely dependent on our Creator. The same as the intervention of the giving of the Torah in Sinai, the intervention of the Mochin Gadlut Sheni, now with the intervention of Mashiach, is exclusively the Creator’s and does not depend on what we do or do not do. It depends on the free will of the Creator. This means that when HaKadosh Baruch Hu activates the Mochin Gadlut Sheni, prophecy (that was lost upon the destruction of the second temple) will return. That is linked to the opening of the sefira KETER which is nourished by Ein Sof (the Infinite World).
• This opening will open lights of understanding that have never yet been reached and all of the Sefirot that survived with a tenuous light will be activated with a light that is blinding in coexistence with our beloved Creator and we will see how the abundance and blessings flow into all of humanity. So the opening of the Sefira KETER is also a unilateral decision of our Creator, independent of us having had merit or not, independent of whether we did things well or we did them badly, there is a moment when HaKadosh Baruch Hu says “GAME OVER”. The buck stops here (approximate translation of a phrase that means we’ve reached the limit of what H-Shem will tolerate). Now HE takes charge of control of the world, as in activating the Mochin Gadlut Sheni. When Mashiach Ben David activates sefira KETER, opening its secret emanations (sodot), HaKadosh Baruch Hu himself to Mashiach and his students openly & then begins the flow of all the blessings directly to the Sefira KETER. When HE activates KETER, the Blessings flow directly to TIFERET. What is TIFERET? (the seat of those who do to Teshuva Shlema, the seat of the GIURIM –> mass conversions of the students of the MASHIACH that have the desire to get close to the Creator and to fulfill their Life’s Purpose.
• That is why the central column of the tree of life is the shortest route to redemption.
o The column on the right which is called Chasadim (it’s all CHESED)
o the column on the left which is called Gevurot (GEVURAH)
o But the middle column is the column of Teshuva. Where the Baal teshuva reaches, the Tzadik cannot reach. Which means that the moment the sefira KETER opens, there will be a huge number of Baalei Teshuva (those who want to return to the Creator) . Which means that there will be and a massive number of conversions.
• Also the central column of the tree of life passes through DA’AT, unifying the two brains. When the left and right brain unify, the two worlds unify (spiritual world and physical world) which means the spiritual world nourishes the physical world. The way the soul nourishes with life the human body, when the spiritual world unifies with the physical world, everything is plenty and abundance and harmony. But everything which flows via the central column, which is comprised of three or four sefirot.
• He discusses some Gematria that I won’t even try to translate, as I cannot do it justice. But the essence of it, as I understood it, is that the initials of the above sefirot is DATI, which means religious – OR, it could mean KNOWLEDGE (depending on how you read it). KNOWLEDGE of the Secrets of Heaven.
• When TIFERET illuminates, it radiates its light towards CHESED, GEVURAH, NETZACH, HOD, & YESOD.
• How does YESOD open the flow of abundance to Malkhut? (when tenuous light transforms to full light)- At the moment that we:
o Study the Zohar HaKadosh
o Kabbalistic meditation
o when we use the yicchudim and explain them
o meditations in conjugal relations with chidushim
o Understand and interpret the secrets of the Torah
• the fountains of abundance of YESOD opens to MALKHUT and this world becomes a garden of Eden.
In summary, what have we learned in this Class? The enormous importance of DA’AT that is sick (ill), the enormous importance of learning to meditate, in order to heal DA’AT, the enormous importance of the central column, of the tree of life, wherein exists the baal teshuva, and the enormous importance of the love of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, even though we don’t deserve it, that he opens the door of KETER towards YESOD and from YESOD to MALKHUT. We know that for sure we don’t deserve it, but as he (Rav Gozlan) learned from his teachers to speak with HaKadosh Baruch Hu and tell HIM to please open the Mochin Gadlut Sheni, although we do not deserve it. (merit) because we can’t handle anymore. Even though we don’t deserve it. May HaKadosh Baruch Hu bring the redemption. Amen. Yehi Ratzon.

There are two things that are totally reliant on HaKadosh Baruch Hu: the existence of this world (it cannot be destroyed by humans) and the final redemption of this world.


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