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72 Names

Resource: 72shemot.com

My friend, Gila, summarized what this page is about so beautifully. Here’s what she said:

Something very cool from Kabbalah..

Wanna figure out the Name of God that belongs to your time of birth??

Or the Name and time of day that holds special energy for a specific request of God?

A little background..

God has 72 names comprised of 3 letters each that derive from Exodus 14:19-21. When the Israelites crossed the sea.

Each name of God holds power over a 20 minute segment of the day and the clock starts at sunrise for that specific day. Each day the time-slots are calculated anew.

So if you’re looking to utilize a name of God designated to a specific request (health, fortune..), it is most potent to meditate on that specific Name during the 20 minute time-slot alloted for that energy.

A second way to utilize these names of God is to calculate YOUR specific name of God that belongs to YOUR time of birth!

How do you do this?

To find the name of God that corresponds to you, you need to look up the following:

The SUNRISE TIME at your PLACE of birth on your DATE of your birth. Then plug that time into the sunrise calculator on the https://www.72shemot.com/ website. The red box to the left side of the screen that figures out the 20 minute cycle for any sunset time you enter.

Gila Jedwab

Within hours of our discovery and deciphering of how to actually how to utilize Chacham Gozlan’s calculator (72shemot), my friend, Diana, sent me the link to Yehuda Ashkenazi‘s beautiful meditation Video on the 72 Names of God.

My intention was to combine the information received from Chacham Gozlan with the information included in Yehuda’s video in a simplified way so that more of us could incorporate this POWERFUL Kabbalistic meditation practice in our daily lives.

To Find Your Personal Name of G-D for Your Time and Place of Birth

  1. Find the time of sunrise at the time & place of your birth. There are online resources, such as this one that you can utilize.
  2. Go to 72shemot.com and enter the time of sunrise on the day of your birth the place of your birth to calculate the Names that corresponded two every 20-minute interval for the 24 hour period from sunrise on your birthdate at the place of your birth.
  3. Find the Name that corresponds to the time of your birth on the resulting spreadsheet.
  4. This is your personal Name to use at any given time on any day.

To Find the Appropriate Name of G-D and Time for Each Name & Intention

Method 1 – Chacham Gozlan

  1. Find the time of sunrise at your location. An easy internet search or weather app can easily provide you with the time of sunrise.
  2. Go to 72shemot.com and enter the time of sunrise to calculate the Names that correspond to every 20-minute interval for the full 24 hour period.
  3. Find the Name that corresponds to the time of your desired contemplation or meditation on the resulting spreadsheet.

Method 2 – Select Name numerically or Search by Intention

  1. https://ruthieguten.com/names is a numerical list of the 72 Names & their associated intentions. It combines the information from the above website and the 72 Names of God Meditation video below. This is merely a tool I created for ease of finding the correct name to use at any given time, based on the daily calculation by the above website.

    There are two options in this section:
    a. Select the Name and it will expand to reveal an image expands that shows the NAME, the EXPANDED Name, The names numerical order, The Name’s VALUE IN GEMATRIA, and its Intention (in both Hebrew & Spanish). Name #1 correlates to the first 20 minutes after sunrise.
    b. If you want to focus on a drawing down a specific Divine Blessing, review the list of intentions associated with each of the 72 Names of G-d to identify the exact time that is appropriate on any given day.
  2. https://ruthieguten.com/names-time/ provides a Start Time per Name in 20 Minute Intervals for the 24 hour period. It’s a chart with Calculated Time Intervals from Sunrise.
  3. https://ruthieguten.com/names-per-hour is a numerical list of the INTENTIONS for each of the 72 Names. It’s displayed in three columns (one for each 20 minute segment of each hour) for the 24 hours. Each intention is linked to the image that shows the NAME, the EXPANDED Name, The names numerical order, The Name’s VALUE IN GEMATRIA, and the Intention (both is Hebrew & Spanish)
  4. If you want to calculate the exact time for each Name instead of relying on the calculation and chart from 72shemot.com, you can download an Excel spreadsheet that I created for my use.

When I’m working at my computer, I will use the spreadsheet calculator to determine the times for each segment. Then I will use an online tool, such as https://timer.onlineclock.net to remind me every 20 minutes. I then use https://ruthieguten.com/names-per-hour to easily find the appropriate name & Intention.

I hope that these tools will support your ongoing connection with H-Shem and will merit abundant Blessings in your life and in our World.

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