What’s in My Pocket – Cafecito Break 9-8-20

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“Be somebody
who makes everybody
feel like a somebody”

Personal Affirmation

I am a point of Awareness within the Christ of God.
I am a point of Being within the Soul of God.
I am a point of Light within the Mind of God.
I am a point of Love within the Heart of God.
I am a point of Life within the Body of God.
I am a point of Manifestation within the World of God.
I am a point of Creativity within the Energy of God.
I am a point of Vibration within the Action of God.
I am a point of Joy within the Glory of God.
I am a point of Beauty within the Perfection of God.

Mars Retrograde

What does that even mean?

Rosangel gave us some  awesome insight in this episode. Just as an FYI,  here's what I found at NASA.gov:

Mars Retrograde Happens Every Two Years

While we're passing by the red planet this year, it will look to us as though Mars is moving up and down. ... This apparent erratic movement is called "retrograde motion." The illusion also happens with Jupiter and the other planets that orbit farther from the sun.

Austin Voted to Defund the Police, its Murder Rate Rose 67% - Defund the police and the death rate will follow.

Source article by: Daniel Greenfield - Aug. 7,  2020

"Austin's proposed budget targeted millions in cuts. These included 100 vacant police positions, delaying the next cadet class, delaying the replacement of duty weapons, and there were proposals by some Democrats council members to shut down the police academy, cut the bomb squad budget, and even demolish the city’s downtown police headquarters.

  • The proposed budget also includes a 3.5% tax increase.
  • Politicians limited the ability of police officers to use force against criminals and barred them from using pepper spray and tear gas against the violent mobs of Black Lives Matter rioters.
  • Now Austin is number one with a bullet after its homicide rate increase passed every major city.
  • Overtaking more violent cities like Chicago, left behind at number two, Philly at number six, and New York at number eight, Austin had the highest percentage homicide rate increase. Like the ‘Miracle on Ice’ in the 1980 Winter Olympics, Austin is the underdog that came from behind to blow everyone away with its ability to rack up bodies even faster than vegan soy hot dogs.
  • Austin’s percentage rate increased 64% over the year and 67% in June."

Who is Funding the Biden/Harris Campaign

Recently, I read a Tweet that challenged the reader to go to antifa (dot) com. I did so. It redirected me to the Official Biden/Harris website. I posted my video on Twitter numerous times. Now, I can't find any of my posts that have the video on my timeline. coincidence? 

While searching for it on twitter, I came across many posts that 

Source:ErinElizabeth Health Nut News (screenshot)

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