Why is Health Coaching important to me?

Why is Health Coaching important to me?

I was asked this question as part of my coursework at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Personally, this work will allow me to be myself. I have struggled with the concept of “living in two worlds” for most of my life. My physical reality has been to raise my kids in an environment where I had to work many hours in a non-traditional role. While I loved my career in the Public Works and construction arena, my spiritual self has reached out to nature world for replenishing my body and spirit as a coping mechanism for the reality of a stressful life. I am grateful to have attained recognition and success in my public endeavor, but I yearned for the peace of having balance in my life. Incorporation of my health coaching practice into my life allows me to promote my healthy-lifestyle approach on a public level.

Professionally, my goal is to focus on working with women, and as a result of working with women, affecting the health and well-being of their children. Many professional women that I have worked with struggle with issues that limit their ability to have balance in their life while attaining success in their career of choice. My experience can provide a foundation from which to build a balanced approach towards attaining professional, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial success.

The impact that we have on others is incredible. I have already been blessed with receiving appreciation from acquaintances because I positively impacted their life. At the time, I did not realize the impact that my actions and words would have on them. Many years later, I was confronted in a very powerful way and was told how much they appreciated my help. This is very powerful. Our actions have an effect on others – whether we realize it or not. This is a huge responsibility which I do not take lightly.

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