Healing at the Soul Level

Healing at the Soul Level


Are you happy? Truly happy? Do you love what you do every day?

How many of us pass our days fulfilling obligations and doing what’s expected of us?

What are your dreams? What is your passion? Are you in love?

Do you ever ponder these questions?

When we are born, we have our entire life ahead of us. An open slate. A blank canvas. The stories of our lives are painted on the canvas. Every page in our book comes alive with different characters, smells, textures, emotions, and colors. If we were to think of one page at a time, we might get overwhelmed. But there is a fluidity in the book that evolves as one moment transitions into the next.

Sometimes, the stories are boring and sometimes the stories are exciting. Sometimes we are the main character and sometimes we are a supporting member of the cast. Sometimes we are the star of the show and sometimes we are the light that shines upon someone else that is in the middle of the production.

The important thing to note is that this is our story. We are responsible for every letter in our book. This is huge!!! What if we have made choices that have brought us unhappy stories? Guess what? We can choose again!

20120814-235055.jpgHow do we know that we are following our soul’s journey? How do we know if the decision we are making is appropriate? The answer always lies in how we feel. What emotions are you feeling right now? Are you troubled? Happy? Sad? Hopeful? Curious? ….eh, bored? (I hope not bored).

Think back to a day that you were really happy. What were you doing? Who were you with? What were you wearing? How did you look?

Now think about a day when you felt really miserable and ask yourself those very same questions.

Now, how do you feel as you ponder your memories?

Emotions are powerful. You can use your emotions as your guidance system. Focus on your feelings and be honest with yourself about what they mean to you.

If you feel stuck and in a rut, please don’t just shrug your shoulders. Take action – spend time with a friend, start a hobby, volunteer, watch a comedy, read a book, or go for a walk. Do something out of the ordinary. Listen to the sounds around you. Smell the aromas. Stretch. Smile at a stranger. People watch. Immerse yourself in life. Then take a deep breath and make a choice to write your next chapter in bright colors and beautiful memories.

This is your life. Write your book in joy and happiness and don’t forget to keep me posted as to your soul’s journey.

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